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Make a Vector Flower using Blend Tool in Illustrator.


Illustrator is one of the most popular vector software in world. It has very powerful tool that are easy to use. Using very simple techniques we can create very complex vector images. Blend Tool is one of my favorite. It is very helpful while creating similar multiple objects. Using that property very complex looking artwork can be created. In this tutorial I will be sharing its use in creating a vector flower with very little effort. This will be very helpful for the beginners to understand how Blend Tool works and where can we use it. So, here we go.


This is how our vector flower is going to look like.


Let’s start with in New Document of any size you want. Mine is 1000px × 1000px in size with RGB mode. Select a PEN TOOL by pressing P and draw a straight line as shown above. Make sure NONE is selected in its FILL.


Press Shift + C to select CONVERT ANCHOR POINT TOOL and make it a curve as shown above.


Again press O to select REFLECT TOOL. Then double click the REFLECT TOOL in the TOOL BAR and a Reflect dialogue box will appear. Select the HORIZONTAL in Axis Option and press COPY button. It will make a new copy of the curve and reflected horizontally.


Again double click the REFLECT TOOL in TOOL BAR with the copied curve selected. This time select the Vertical in Axis Option and press OK button. You should get something similar to the image above.


Select SELECTION TOOL by pressing V and move the new curve to the right as shown above.


Color the first curve with #39C2D7 and the second one with #00A76D


Now select both curves and press Ctrl or Cmd + Alt or Option + B to Blend them. The go to Object > Blend > Blend Options. A Blend Options dialogue box will appear. Select Specified Steps in Spacing Option with numeric value 8 and hit OK.