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Create a Golden Laurel Wreath in Illustrator by yourself


Laurel Wreath is widely used very popular vector item. We can found it used in many logos, badges and other art works. UN has incorporated it in its logo. Many vector websites are providing it for free with many variations. Most of the time, I download it online. But I wonder if I could make one by myself and I tried it in Adobe Illustrator CS4. This is what I will be sharing in this tutorial.


This is the Laurel Wreath that we will be creating in this tutorial. We can use it in any logos or in other artworks. The picture above is final image we will be working towards.


Begin with creating the new document of 1000 px × 1000 px or it can be of any size. Color mode does not make any difference. You can choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Happy Dashain and Tihar

Next, select ELLIPSE TOOL by pressing L. Press V to get SELECTION TOOL and move the circle to the side by holding Shift + Alt or Option to get a copy of it. It should overlap the previous one as shown above.


Selecting both circles press INTERSECT in Pathfinder Panel. Press Shift + C to get CONVERT ANCHORE POINT TOOL and use it to change the shape of the object as shown above. Now it should look like a leaf.


Select PEN TOOL by pressing P and draw a Triangle above the object. Using CONVERT ANCHORE POINT TOOL give it a curve shape. It will be the main vein of the leaf.


Select both leaf and vein using SELECTION TOOL and press MINUS FRONT in the Pathfinder Panel.