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Create a 3D vector scrolling ribbon


Adobe Illustrator is one of the best and popular applications for creating graphic artwork like logos, designs for print and Web pages. 3D effect is nowadays one of the hot trends. Mostly I use it to create some strange and dynamic objects for logos. Client seems to be satisfied with these objects. So, I’ve a 3D tutorial to give you an idea of what Adobe Illustrator offers and how to use its 3D features.



We will be making scrolling ribbon that can be used in logos or in some other artworks. The picture above is final image we will be working towards.


Click on a Rectangle Tool and draw three rectangles and color it with your chose. Press Ctrl/Cmd + G to group them.


Go to Window > Symbol and you will get a symbol pallet. Now drag those grouped rectangles into the symbol pallet to make them  symbol. Use the default setting for new symbol.


Now its time to get 3D object. To get it draw a circle using Ellipse Tool.

Then go to the Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Set the options as shown in the figure above or adjust them as per your requirement to make a vertical rod as shown above.


Next click in the Map Art option and select the number 3 surface.

Click the drop down arrow of symbol in Map Art dialogue box and select the symbol that you have created earlier.


Rotate the symbol in the Map Art dialogue box as shown in the figure above. Make sure Shade Artwork and Invisible Geometry checked. It will give you clear view of the ribbon and show you the shadow in the ribbon. You can adjust the size of the symbol until you get the perfect settings for your project. You can also click on the Scale to Fit button to wrap whole tube. Keep on experimenting with the rotation and different colors and click OK.