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Create a Photo-Realistic Candle in Photoshop


There are couple of methods for creating Photo-realistic image in Photoshop. Most of them are complex and advanced. But in this tutorial, you will learn to make a Photo-Realistic Candle using very simple and easy techniques. You will only need to use basic tools. Follow my step by step Photoshop tutorial to learn how to create a Photo-realistic Candle of your own. So, let’s start!


This is how our finished image is going to look like. A photo-realistic candle in Photoshop. It looks like it requires a lot of tedious work, but it’s actually quite simple.

Begin by creating a new file of 1000 X 1200 px size and name it Candle.


Press D to set a default color and fill the new document with foreground color pressing Alt + Backspace, which should be black.

Now, get a new layer by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + N and name it Wax Body. Then press M to select the RECTANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL and select a vertical rectangle as shown above.


Press G to get the GRADIENT TOOL selected. Make sure Linear Gradient is selected in the option bar. Get a GRADIENT EDITOR and create four color Gradient of color #ff9393, #ff0000, #cd0000, #780000.

Apply selected Gradient in the selection made in previous step with lighter color on the top as shown in the above image. Press Ctrl or Cmd + D to deselect the selection.


Select ERASER TOOL by pressing E with hardness 100 and erase the Wax Body at the top to give it kind of molten look.


For the bottom part select PEN TOOL by pressing P. Draw a shape as shown above.

Right click the mouse with Pen Tool Selected. Click the MAKE SELECTION option and hit OK to get selection and press Delete. It will give a cylindrical look to candle.


Select BLUR TOOL and move around the edges to smooth it.