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Adding bullet points to text in Adobe Illustrator


In Illustrator adding bullet points to text is a bit tricky. In Indesign you can find Bullet List Option in the Control Bar. So it’s easy to add bullets in the paragraph. But in Illustrator, we have to add bullets manually by using Tab Settings. So let’s learn how to use Tab Settings to add properly formatted bullets in Illustrator.


Select the Type Tool and create a text area. Paste few paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text. (

Now place the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph.

Go to Type > Glyphs and choose any one symbol to make a bullet point. In my case I choose a circular dot.

You can also get more symbols featured in the default Wingdings and Webdings fonts.


Hit Tab button to insert Tab character after the bullet point.


Repeat the above process to the rest of the paragraphs.


Then select the entire text box and go to Window > Type > Tabs to open the Tabs Panel. Set a LEFT TAB to 15 pt.


Go to Window > Type > Paragraph to open a Paragraph Panel. Set LEFT INDENT to 15 pt and FIRST LINE INDENT to -15 pt. To maintain some gaping between paragraphs set SPACE BEFORE PARAGRAPH to 5 pt. And here is how you will get Bullet List Paragraph in the Illustrator.


Tab settings value that I have mentioned above may change depending up on the font size you’re working with. But keep these values in proportion.