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Create Seamless Repeating Pattern in Illustrator


Repeating patterns are very powerful decorative design elements and can be created easily. It can be used in cards, wrapping paper, websites, textiles and many other materials. Mostly you can download these pattern for free from many vector websites but creating your own is a little extra something and simply fun. Let’s take a look at it in Illustrator and follow these step by step instructions to create your own pattern.


We will be creating a pattern using various Dashain and Tihar (Diwali) themed elements. But the challenge here is to make a pattern repeat seamlessly. Let’s try one of the techniques to get a fully seamless vector pattern.


Let’s start by creating some Dashain and Tihar (Diwali) themed doodles. I have drawn some items like Kites, Diyos, Crackers, Marigolds etc to mix up which I will be using for my pattern. Don’t forget to Expand your items if they are created using Pen or Brush Tool.


Create a square to set an area for the pattern using Rectangle Tool. You can use any color but our elements should be visible. Copy these elements and place randomly in the pattern area. Click and hold Alt or Option key to create a duplicate of an element.


Keep on dragging items into the area until the square is filled. Arrange them by rotating and maintain space to balance the design as shown above.


Select the square and move it slightly right and down using the Arrow Head key on the keyboard but should cover an equal distance. It will keep some elements out of the square and maintain some space on the opposite sides.

Happy Dashain and Tihar